Period of political and economic transformation


Establishment of EFFECTA S.A. as a Polish joint-venture company, which was the first private commercial joint-stock company in Poland.
In 1995 EFFECTA S.A. was transformed into MEXPOL S.A.

Philosophy of our company:

Reliability and fair partnership

First business concept:

Due to extremely high interest rates on loans during the first period of transformation we offered financing the import of machinery and equipment for the agri-food industry to be paid back with goods produced with the use of this equipment.

Involvement in the Polish Dairy Industry (1989-1996)

Involvement in the Polish sugar industry (since 1989)

Involvement in the import of vegetable oils (since 1991)

Our company continues to actively participate in important events of the sugar industry both in Poland and worldwide. On numerous occasions and during various conferences, Mexpol has had the opportunity and satisfaction to share its knowledge and experience by presenting materials prepared solely by Mexpol staff.